From the pages of his very popular YouTube channel, the content creator Kevin Kenson shows us the potential of the Project xCloud applied to the Razer Junglecat, controller, high-end Android smartphone, which draws inspiration from the Joy-With Nintendo Switch.

The video analysis of the famous youtuber, focusing on the functionality of the controller applied to the service’s game streaming Microsoft, currently in beta testing phase in the United States, but is intended to come from us in the first half of next year, with free access for subscribers to Xbox Game Pass and support for the DualShock 4 of the PS4.

The special feature of the Razer Junglecat is the ability for the user to “unhook” the two parts that make up the pad to get the gaming experience is not too dissimilar from that offered by Nintendo with the modular design of the pad Switch (but not Nintendo Switch Lite).

If you are interested in this technological device to “emulate” on Android tablet and smartphone freedom in the experience of the game guaranteed by the Joycon Nintendo Switch, we inform you that is already available on Amazon:

  • The Razer Junglecat Dual-sided 119,99 €

What do you think of the controllers of Razer, especially in view of the launch in Europe of a Project xCloud in 2020? If you are interested in other offers related to gaming on the PC, console and mobile systems, we invite you to follow the latest news about the promotions of Black Friday 2019 (and Cyber Monday) shopping and store digital most important.