Drampa and Turtonator are two of the Pokemon rare in Pokemon with a Sword and Shield. In this mini-guide will explain where and how to catch them in the two new games in the series for Nintendo Switch.

If you plan to complete the Pokedex of Pokemon with a Sword and Shield, Drampa and Turtonator are two creatures that you can not miss the opportunity to capture and add to your collection. Below we will explain where to find them and how to get them.

How to capture Drampa in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Drampa is a Pokemon exclusive to Pokemon Sword, which is why you can find him and capture him only in this version of the game. This creature can appear as a random encounter in the tall grass (the one with the exclamation point) to Lake Dragofuria, only in the event of a storm and with a probability of 2%.

As we have explained in our guide to the weather and Pokemon Sword and Shield, it is possible to modify the climatic conditions of the game by changing the system date on your Nintendo Switch. Given that Drampa appears in the wild only with the weather stormy, you have to set the date on the console toNovember 1, 2020. Then you just need to wander in the high grass of the Lake Dragofuria, meet Drampa and capture it.

How to capture Turtonator in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Turtonator is the Pokemon exclusive to Pokemon the Swordand to capture him apply the same directions given for Drampa, with the difference that this creature will only appear in case of intense sun.

Set the date of your Nintendo Switch to1 July 2020 to change the weather in the intense sun, head to the Lake Dragofuria and try Turtonator in the high grass. Also in this case, you will have a 2% chance of meeting him.