Today the president of the SIE, Jim Ryan has released a statement on the PlayStation Blog, to celebrate 25 years of the market entry of PlayStation. Below is the press release:

l 3 December 1994, 25 years ago, the first PlayStation made its world debut in Japan. ‘ve recently Sony, Ken Kutaragi and his team were able to realise their vision-time to raise the video game a form of entertainment enjoyed by all and to create a platform to allow game developers to express their creativity. The day of the debut, the PlayStation sold 100,000 units in Japan, becoming the first home console ever to exceed 100 million units sold around the world.

We managed to hit the community of gamers because PlayStation offered experiences at that time unimaginable for a home console. From the very beginning, we have welcomed with open arms to developers, providing them with the tools and the technology to create worlds in beautiful and huge and to experiment with new ideas. This approach has led to the diversity of games for which the PlayStation is famous for, a true hallmark for our brand across multiple generations of hardware platforms.

In the last 25 years, PlayStation has been at the forefront in the field of the game, and I am honored to be a part of the team since the beginning. When I started to organize the startup of business activities in Europe, and I remember I had to start from scratch on many things, from the hiring of employees for the purchase of the furniture. Then there concentrammo on the cure of the various local markets, to ensure that a player in Poland to feel part of the PlayStation community as much as those of the United Kingdom, Japan or the United States. Supported by fans all over the world, we are able to achieve important accomplishments and the attention the community is more important now than ever.

It is really touching to see the fans have grown up on the PlayStation pass on their love of the game to their children, who are now playing on PS4.


On behalf of all of us at PlayStation, thank you for choosing to take this journey with us. We can’t wait to celebrate your next event!

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SOURCE: PlayStation Blog