According to a recent leak that emerged from the PlayStation Store, the new Person 5 Royal might come out very soon. To have this confirmation, we should not expect much, given that Atlus is preparing for the big “revelation” of tomorrow.

On the official website of the developers is in fact a countdown, announced about two weeks ago, which will see its end in the day tomorrow, when Atlus might reveal the release date of the western Person 5 Royal. Nevertheless, thanks to an error on the pages of the game of the PlayStation Store, indonesian and taiwanese showed the date of February 20, 2020. The version of Person 5 the Royal in question is in English/chinese, which should correspond to that which is to be marketed in the west. Everything would seem to lead to the release date on the european and american markets, however, the February 20, corresponds to a Thursday, the date the unusual to the output of a game. Also, the game might come out on different dates depending on the country of launch.

To learn we should wait until tomorrow. In the meantime 5 Royal has debuted the first postodella ranking japanese.