Switch was launched on the market in 2017, and since then has sold about 42 million units, against 101.63 million achieved by the Wii in its entire life cycle.

Analyst Morningstar Investment Services Kazunori Ito has so stated:

“Here sales usually undergo a peak, however, the Switch may have a longer life cycle. By integrating a console fixed and portable at the same time, Nintendo has provided an excellent platform for the sale of software.”

“Nintendo Switch is able to sell 20 million units per year for the next three years. So it should reach the 100 million units sold without problems,” – says the famous analyst Michael Pachter.


Nintendo expects to sell 18 million to Switch by march 2020, and if it were to reach the target would surpass them the results achieved during the entire life cycle of the SNES, 49.1 million units.

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