The Marvel announced a comic book series prequel to Marvel’s Avengers, much to the delight of all fans of the famous american superheroes.

As you know, it is shortly to launch of Marvel’s Avengers, the game dedicated to the Avengers developed by Crystal Dinamics and waited for spring 2020. Well, before the arrival on the shelves of the title fans of the Avengers will definitely get your hands you comic book prequel.

Below is the first synopsis given by Marvel:

“The adventure that leads to Marvel’s Avengers is unleashed, with a history, entirely new that relates directly to the events of the highly anticipated video game.

The incredible Hulk, the monstrous alter ego of scientist Bruce Banner, has done good in the world. But with the giant green monster, virtually uncontrollable and seething under his skin, the Banner is allied with a scientist curious in an attempt to control the beast once and for all.

While their experiments by digging ever more deeply, a catastrophic event could denote the end of something more than a simple curse of the Banner! Prepared to attend incidents and intrigues, crucial inside of the saga, related to the shattering events in the game of the Avengers next year!!!”

Source: Comicbook