Stored the Worlds in 2019, and the domain branded – once again – China, it is already time All-Star for League of Legends.This year the event will see the best players in the world, and the influencers of the most famous have fun in a three-day celebration of the MOBA targato Riot.

The League of Legends All-Stars, of course, will be anything but competitive, and will present unique game modes: tournament Rift Rival to the Ultra Rapid Fire until the 1vs1, not to mention the tournament dedicated to team fights Tactics, which should serve as a general rehearsal for the debut in the scene export from 2020 onwards.

The dances will open on the 5th of December (ending 7) to theHyperX Arena in Las Vegas. Fans will obviously enjoy the show streaming on the official website of League of Legends.

The event will include 64’s “All-Stars”, including two professionals for each region is competitive, with six players selected professionals from Riot Games and voted on by the public, different personality, very popular as Tyler1, Scarra, Disguised Toast and RedMercy.

Among others, there will also be Lee “Faker” Sang-Hyeok, recently fresh renewal of the contract.

For the complete program of the great feast that closes the year of League of Legends, instead, we invite you to keep an eye on the official page of Riot Games.