After you have published your filter, Instagram to the theme of Death Stranding that has been able to attract even the attention of Hideo Kojima, the mind behind the complex universe of the game here is that the artist Egorinogore back in the limelight with a new filter dedicated to the Die-Hardman.

Thanks to the work of the user you can now take advantage of the camera on their smartphone to wear a virtual mask of the character played by Tommy Earl Jenkins. To be able to start immediately to do some test with the filter in question, you can just visit the official page of the social network, so as to create a short movie to share on the web.

To get a preview of the filter in motion, we leave you below with a tweet of his the same creator who has published a short demonstration. Who knows if this time Hideo Kojima or the actors who have lent their faces to the characters of the game you can post a tweet about it.

Waiting to find out, we invite you to take a look at the wonderful concept made by an artist of the LEGO Death Stranding, which shows a set of bricks with the protagonist Sam Porter Bridges on the run from the Creatures Stranded.

Did you know that the novel is in two parts of Death Stranding is available in Japan?