CrossCode, an action-RPG in 2D, whose arrival on the Switch was planned for the end of 2019 has been officially postponed to 2020. It were the two studios working on the project, ” Radical Fish Games and Deck13.

Deck13 has also provided further information, stating that he had “underestimated the amount of time required” and pointing to as the culprit, the code of the original indie title written in HTML5. According to the developers, in fact, the cause of the delays is related to the large amount of JavaScript present in the code that could lead to security problems, and for this reason it is strictly prohibited to use on the modern consoles, Nintendo Switch included. Hackers could use these scripts to attack users and steal sensitive data. To resolve the problem, the guys of Deck13 have had to “enclose” the code and create a superstructure that could translate the language in real-time. Obviously, all of this has multiplied the problems of compatibility, that is going to impact on performance.

At the time Radical Fish Games and Deck13 have not confirmed an official release date for CrossCode, but merely to report a generic 2020.