This week, the ranking dhs charts Steam is turned upside-down by the famous balances Steam autumn that make it suddenly attractive to a bunch of reference rather boudées by the players. Nevertheless, it is the imminence of Christmas, which seems to dictate some purchases, which would explain the return of the VR helmet Valve Index in the top charts weekly. Since the announcement of Half-Life Alyx, the device seems to be its killer app, and the sales leave, therefore, to the increase. In the second position, we find the Steam Controller, but this time for another reason. Valve dropped his controller owner (initially developed for the Steam Machines), and therefore benefited balances to clear out inventory with a mind blowing price : 5€ instead of 55€. The players are so rushed on the good deal, exhausting the stock in just a few hours. The last step of the podium is one of the novelties of the moment, namely, Halo : The Master Chief Collection, which pays the luxury of being in front of Star Wars : Jedi Fallen Order. Finally, PUBG complete the top 5 of the week.

CHARTS STEAM WEEK 48 (25 November to 1 December 2019)

1/ Valve Index VR Kit

2/ Steam Controller

3/ Halo : The Master Chief Collection

4/ Star Wars : Jedi Fallen Order


6/ Sekiro : Shadows Die Twice

7/ GTA V

8/ Monster Hunter World

9/ Age of Empires II Definitive Edition

10/ Football Manager 2020