Bandai Namco Entertainment and ISKN are pleased to announce that the first product of theecosystem of the bulls, the bulls Explorer Pack, is now available, just in time for the holiday season.

Winner of a CES Innovation Award Honoree in four categories and a number of other awards in Germany, the United States and France, tori is a new way to play with your toys, freeing up their creativity and imagination.

The bulls Board brings life to the toys bulls, replicating the actions and movements in real-time the bulls Wand, bulls, Catapult or bulls Spacecraft inside the supported apps. This experience Mirror Play is possible thanks to the combination of some advanced technologies, including solution of 3D-tracking multi-patent.

Children can also design and create their own toys, such as DIY Spacecraft, or projects, via the Creative Book, which can be scanned and replicated in each game, allowing you to exploit an infinite amount of creativity and personalization to adapt to the tastes of each child. All the activities and games were developed in collaboration with experts in child development, as Celia Hodent, with the aim of improving the entertainment and personal development, by bringing together the families.

The bulls Explorer Pack is compatible with tablets and smartphones iOS and Android. Starting with five apps available at launch on the Apple app Store and the Google Play Store, the ecosystem, the bulls will be enriched with new levels, new app and new toys in the course of time, both from Bandai Namco Entertainment and other important names from the world of entertainment.

The five apps now available are:

Crystal Chase

  • Protect the city from the space pirates who are stealing the crystals for their shady business using the bulls™ Spacecraft and the DIY Spacecraft.
  • Test your dexterity and your reflexes, recovering the crystals, defeating the space pirates and dodging dangerous obstacles that you find along the way, and then upgrade your spacecraft with powerful weapons.
  • Explore the 4 different sectors: the dungeons of increasing difficulty.
  • Create your own adventure by customizing and playing with a maximum of 4 DIY Spacecraft can be made with the creative kits of the bulls™ Explorer Pack.

Jungle Rescue

  • Use your wits and your skill to free the guardians of the jungle and save Mother Nature by using your bulls™ Catapult.
  • Test your critical thinking and find a way to free the guardians of the jungle. Break, move, or activate the facilities of poachers is up to you to decide!
  • Explore 30 different environments with increasing difficulty: be as fast and accurate to unlock every time the 3 stars!
  • Custom landscapes at infinity (trees, flowers, and totem), editing them far from the screen in your Creative Book.

Shades of Light

  • You play the role of an apprentice of a sorcerer and becomes a skilled summoner of shadows by using the bulls™ Wand.
  • Challenge your critical thinking and skills of mental rotation in this game of lights and shadows, creating shapes using the shapes of some assorted objects to find the perfect angle.
  • Unlock 3 rooms of a medieval castle, with increasing difficulty and over 20 different items to use.

Supreme Builder

  • Take on the role of a constructor, and make your world unique and personal, using the bulls™ Wand and completing a 30-building challenges set in three different scenarios: desert, world of the sea and an island in the cloud.
  • Or express your creativity without limits in Sandbox mode.
  • Customize your buildings to your digital decorations that you can find, and customize away from the screen in the Creative Book.

bulls Dashboard

  • Supports the learning tangible and fun for your child, by understanding and monitoring its activities.
  • Manage your profiles for family members, and monitors the progress of each user of the app the bulls™.
  • Give the children specific challenges, delivering valuable rewards.
  • Discover the creations of your child and share them with family and friends.
  • Allow the children to bring their progress at any time and on any device, thanks to the bailouts in the cloud.

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