For those not in the know, Astralis is a team eSport , a Danish, that in addition to being among the most successful in the industry, is the first in history to have decided to quote in the stock exchange.

On the 9th of December in that Copenhagen will be the via the negotiations for the stock-market debut of the team in esports with a step, which, therefore, will open the doors to the practice with a prior which very likely will not go unnoticed.

Astralis is one of the team winning in CS: GO and in general throughout the universe esports, for which the team stands at the top of the rankings of League of Legends, where he is known as Origen, and even FIFA, with the name of the Future FC. It goes without saying, therefore, that the brands that sponsor the team are particularly well known and important, with names such as Audi, Turtle Beach, Jack & Jones, Logitech and many others.


The debut on the stock exchange seems to be the natural consequence of an association that wins a lot in the industry in which it competes, and which therefore generates useful very important.

This is one of the future of esports?

Source: Gamesindustry