Andrew “GiantWaffle” Bodine has begun November with a single goal: to beat the record of hours spent playing in live streaming in a single month. There is successful.

The content creator active on Twitch, he played in the live stream for 19 hours per day throughout the month, accumulating a total of 572 hours and 44 minutes of the game, quantity more than sufficient to beat the previous record of 569 hours recorded by Jackson “JayBigs” Bigsby last August. During what he himself baptized Streamvember 2019, has entertained its viewers with games fresh publication, such as Death Stranding and Luigi’s Mansion 3, as well with titles from the high potential of replay value as Factorio, and Rocket League.

The initiative proved a success from the moment that he has yielded 10 thousand new followers, which allowed it to reach a total of 880 thousand followers. In an interview with Kotaku, he admitted that the great fatigue to which it is subjected has been well rewarded: “it was worth it. The views are go to the stars throughout the month. At the moment, all my stats are between 4 and 10 times higher than normal: a time of vision, unique visitors, subscribers”. Now, however, it is time to rest, as he himself said in the tweet celebratory published to the achievement of the record.