A jesuit priest has plans to launch a server Minecraft of the Vatican.

Fr. Robert Ballecer, a jesuit priest who had previously studied engineering at the university Silicon Valley, hopes to introduce the server Minecraft of the Vatican as a place where players can express themselves in an environment that is less toxic than that normally found in games.

The idea is to offer an environment where players can freely express the creativity and to build relationships with each other. The project began on Twitter, when Ballecer has questioned his followers on what game would they prefer: the Rust, the Ark, Team Fortress 2 or Minecraft. At the end of the survey, 64% of the votes went to Minecraft.

“It’s not about technology, nor does it address the games”, says Rome Reports in a video posted in the end of the week. “It’s about bringing people together who can then move your relationships in the real world”.

The server of Minecraft is currently in the testing phase and Ballecer is waiting for feedback. If you have an account Minecraft and wish to participate in the experiment social on the server Minecraft, you can go on minecraft.digitaljesuit.com.

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Source: VG247.