Capcom has one or more of the games that are not announced to show to the Jump Festa 2020 , which will be held in Japan (via Gematsu).

The developer will bring four titles playable, including Mega Man Zero / ZX Legacy Collection), and Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. The other two, however, remain shrouded in mystery. The event would then be a further opportunity to receive feedback for Project Resistance, already present at the Tokyo Game Show.

Capcom has recently stated that it would be interested to revive its catalog of classics. “Our initiatives are (1) to strengthen the digital sales, (2) strengthen our range of titles on a large scale, and (3) to awaken to the intellectual property inactive”, the company said. The developer is enthusiastic about the success of Resident Evil 2: the game has distributed 4.2 million units worldwide, and has made Resident Evil the IP best-selling of the company.

A remake of Resident Evil 3 would be the next most logical step. Capcom has clarified that the remake are subordinate to their popularity in the community, but the rumor more and more frequent they would like a remake of RE 3 Nemesis in the process. If this is true, Capcom may reveal the game at Jump Festa, but it is also possible that the company might show something completely new.


The Jump Festa 2020 will be held from 21 to 22 December in Chiba, Japan.

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Source: Videogamer.