Developers Mònade confirm they have arranged to officially launch Mental Shock, the first adventure interactive voice Italian to play only and only with the aid of a device, Amazon to Alexa.

The title directs us to, ideally, between the skyscrapers of a metropolis to a distant future for us to interpret a person who, after being the victim of a terrible accident, he finds himself forced to enlist the help of an advanced artificial intelligence to move inside of a digital environment in constant flux.

Thanks to the shrewd ploy of the narrative created by the team of Mònade, the entire ecosystem’s playful Mental Shock, stands so on the orders and the voice commands imparted by Amazon’s Alexa, here used in place of the IA dummy of Athena.

The adventure of the experimental Italian will bring us so giostrarci in a futuristic world full of dangers and secrets to discover, all through the free exploration of the environments and the use of tools with which to progress in the story. If you are among the owners of the new technological device Amazon, we invite you to provide us with your opinion on this original adventure voice the whole Italian sauce, cyberpun, but not before reading our guide to the installation of Skill to Alexa.