The higher spheres of Codemasters announce that they have finalized the acquisition of Slightly Mad Studios and related intellectual properties, on the Project CARS.

According to the report of the events provided by the editorial staff of, the operation carried out by the historical development specialising in driving games (exactly the same kind of which they are expert studies of british Slightly Mad) it cost 30 million dollars, of which 25 million cash and 5 million in equity to holdings of the Codies. The entire operation is expected to generate a gain between 56 and 166 million.

In giving this important news, the ceo of Codemasters, Frank Sagnier, confirms that the entire work force of Slightly Mad Studios, made up of about 150 employees , among them developers, programmers and executives, there will be no dismissal, even if we do not know if it will be reinstated in the same job or, on the contrary, will become part of a new software house.

Among the uncertainties related to the acquisition of Slightly Mad Studios, is also the destiny (already nebulous) of the project of the next-gen consoles Mad Box: less doubtful is the future in the short and medium term that relates to the video game, in development at Slightly Mad, which in fact are confirmed. Of these, one has already been confirmed and is Project CARS Go for mobile systems with iOS and Android. Of the other, instead, we know that it will be a racing game centred on a series of hollywood-unspecified (according to the rumor, this should be a game dedicated to the Fast and the Furious) and of intellectual property, brand new, also the theme of racing.