From the pages of ResetEra, the insider known as “Kleegamefan” that states have to deal every day with the devkit of the PS5 and Xbox Scarlett offers us insights on what could be the difference in performance between the next-gen consoles of Sony and Microsoft.

In discussing with the other members of the community of the potential graphics of the video games of the next generation, the insider explains that “in this time, the performance in games are best on the PlayStation 5. Probably, I think depends on the fact that both the hardware and software development on the PS5 is in a more advanced stage. I expect that Microsoft will fill these gaps when will the devkit and software development more mature than the current ones”.

According to the insider, then, the best performance of PS5 compared to Xbox Scarlett highlighted by its unspecified “test” would be due mainly to the maturity of the dev kit, PS5, and the situation may soon change, as he underlines himself, adding in that regard that “it is the software, not the hardware, the area of the greatest expertise of Microsoft, then it is very likely that they are working to a the most advanced software for the management of the libraries, DirectX, allowing developers to create games on Xbox Scarlett graphically the best with the available hardware, even if the bottom”.

In June of this year, a “deep throat” interviewed by Andrew Reiner of Game Informer has tried to provide guidance on differences in the performance between the two next-gen consoles of Sony and Microsoft, suggesting that PS5 is more powerful than Xbox Scarlett.