The announcement of Overwatch 2 is still making to discuss the fans, the title will share the entire multiplayer segment with the first episode of the series, but you will earn the title of true sequel, offering a full Story mode that will follow its world-famous heroes in mission around the world.

The players, understandably, they expect so much from its narrative content PvE, and many are wondering about the length of the campaign. While not providing specific numbers, Jeff Kaplan has discussed the topic during a recent interview with the Washington Post, giving us some clues on the longevity: “Overwatch 2 will include a narrative experience complete, exactly as you would expect from a game from blockbuster triple-A” with a longevity that may be considered “significant“.

The one who accuses Overwatch 2 to be a simple expansion of the founder, Jeff Kaplan has said, “the Game for a lot of titles. I can’t think of any DLC or the expansion of this caliber”. Alongside the Story Missions, remember, there will also be Missions, Hero, business co-operatives designed to be highly repeatable and that will provide complete freedom of choice in the choice of the hero.

Overwatch 2 is in development for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch, but unfortunately it is still without a release date. What is certain, is that it will be released before the next BlizzCon, which will take place in November 2020.