The countdown to Pokémon Sword and Shield marks -2, and the 15th of November we can finally get their hands on the highly anticipated new installment of the series, the first between the games “more” dedicated to the Pokémon to arrive on Nintendo Switch.

Although the launch is being accompanied by some controversy, as some players are not entirely convinced of the goodness of the title, it is still a mark from the safe appeal , and one of the titles in general, the most anticipated by the community, for which there is a lot of curiosity around the game, because there will be so many elements new to the series.

One of them is the free camera, instead of the historical one, fixed, overhead view that has been with us since the days of the Game Boy. Just this characteristic they talked about the developers, especially the Game DIrector Shigeru Ohmori, during a recent interview.

“We want to always find new surprises for our players in every new title Pokémon. This is the first time that we introduce the free camera in the series, so we are very excited to see how the players will respond once you put your hands on the game. We will think then what to do in the future, depending on their reactions.”

What do you think? You like the idea of the free camera in the Pokémon Sword and Shield? Waiting for the game, we remind you that today at 16 there is an important event on our channel on Twitch: a Q&a on Pokémon Sword and Shield together to Cydonia! To investigate on the game also, take a look at our preview of Pokémon the Sword and Shield.