After twenty years from its debut, the hack-and-slash viking Rune II finally arrives on PC via the Epic Games Store. Set in a dangerous universe nordic during the end of time, Rune II is an epic action-RPG in which the gods, the beasts and the last surviving humans are struggling to survive.

The plot is the following: you have been chosen by The gods to be the saviors of Midgard, and you will receive their blessing and powerful abilities in the company to put an end to the Ragnarok. It will be a fight against time to stop Loki, the deity of deception, to destroy Midgard as he holds the world in the grip of a perpetual state of chaos.

Alone or with friends, you face legions of acolytes of Loki in a brutal melee combat. You travel around the world to collect rare resources, identified artifacts precious to weaken the Gate of the Kingdoms and forged the most powerful weapons of the Nine Realms have ever seen. For the occasion, the development team has released a trailer which you can view below.

Currently Rune II is available on the Epic Games Store at a price of 25 euros, but starting next year, it will reach even on Steam.

Source: Gaming Lyfe