Death Stranding is a unique game, with an emphasis so strong on the characteristic social that the director , Hideo Kojima thinks he has created a new genre. This genre is defined by its Social Strand System, where the actions taken by the players in a game can have an impact on the world of another player to Death Stranding. This system seems to have been well received by fans, with some who are devoting a lot of time.

While games such as Dark Souls allow players to fight against one another, Death Stranding focuses on cooperation and on mutual aid. To this end, if a player builds a structure in the Death Stranding as a builder, this will appear in the worlds of other players so that they can use it. Users can rate the facilities that they prefer a “like”.

It is a system that encourages positivity, something that is lacking in many online games. It is really admirable, then, that some of the players Death Stranding have decided to ignore the main story for now to improve the game world to the other, building as many structures as possible, thereby making easier the trip and leaving behind useful items such as ladders and ropes climbing.

While the reviews of Death Stranding have been very various, in the majority of cases seem to have a positive opinion on the Social Strand System. It will be interesting to see if this concept, developed by Hideo Kojima will be implemented in other games.


Death Stranding is now available for the PS4, the PC version will arrive in the summer of 2020.

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Source: Gamerant.