If Dracula if it is invented by Bram Stoker and later the character has been interpreted in countless ways by the entertainment industry, the story is that zombies are a creation of George A. Romero, so that all of the following works, cinematographic or literary, are in debt of gratitude to an undisputed master. Among the works derived from there have been incidents of more or less brilliant, capable of renewing the genre, highlighting, mixing, parodying the characteristics of stories from plots elementary, but likely has implications for the political and social, but always very splatter for the entertainment of lovers of the horror traditional.

After various updates and always new titles and new variations to certify the unfading appeal of the topic, in 2009, had a pleasant comedy, Welcome to Zombieland. Only cost us $ 23 million, the film was such an unexpected success as to induce the producers to work on a sequel to that, however, has lagged almost 10 years to get it. The film already then did not pretend to rewrite the history of zombie-movies but it was housed in a small cult in the successful mix of genres, the zany but romantic, splatter, yet sentimental, with its witty satire on the Way of life american, embodied in the typology of its different characters. The Double Tap of the original title of this sequel, properly Double-shot in Italian, refers to one of the endless rules of survival developed by one of the protagonists, the neurotic Columbus, but in fact of vital importance as all the rules are reasonable (physical form, the double-shot to always make sure that the zombie is “finished”, attention to the public toilets, safety belts, always well-connected, and so on). Some, however, every now and then, can be broken.

Zombieland: Double shot

  • Director: Ruben Fleischer
  • Cast: Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Emma Stone, Abigail Breslin
  • Distribution: Sony
  • Genre: horror, action, comedy

Thanks to the anomalous Family of survivors, which was created during the crazy adventures looking for a place where to survive, the first film had ended with the overwhelming slaughter in the amusement park Pacific Playland in Los Angeles, with the group with the now indivisible to decide to which new shores to set sail towards new adventures, in a way that is populated almost entirely by zombies. That in the movie, today we discover that we have divided in three broad categories: there are the Homer (the fools), the Hawking (the cunning), and a Ninja, more deadly. But a new species, unstoppable, called the Terminator, is developing. Our in ten years they have made their reports, but if Wichita (Stone) and Columbus (Eisenberg) are still in love, Little Rock (Breslin), now a young woman, shows signs of impatience vis-à-vis of Tallahassee (Harrelson), who now has achieved the status of “Father Figures” in respect of the former girl. That is, as an affirmation of their independence, is not better than to escape with a survivor, a hippie pacifist and guitar player, stuff to sclerare Tally as any father worthy of the name.

Also Wichita and Columbus pass their time of crisis, because the entrance in the group of Madison, a “dumb blonde”, incredibly, escaped the zombies, which seems like a real oca giuliva. As in the previous movie, our departed to the adventure after a stay in the villa of Bill Murray, this time you will stay for a bit even in the White House. Will however need to get back on the road, on a journey in pursuit of Little Rock that will bring them in the house of Elvis at Graceland. There will be the fatal meeting with Nevada, a Real Woman with the attributes (if not Rosario Dawson), who will finally beat the heart of the rude Tallahassee, up to that time a man by only three passions: snacks Twinkies, but the wrapping is yellow, not pink Cadillac and Elvis, doubt. In this screwball romantic comedy, as they pose the zombies? Bind well to the whole, producing escapes and returns, contagions and ammazzamenti, as in any zombie-movie that respects itself, in a mix again succeeded, which is also this time its apotheosis in the massacre final.

01Our friends never cease to be amazed.

That will be in the happy Island of people, hippie, barricaded, in vain, behind high fences, but without the weapons that have been fused to make pendants pacifists. How to be saved from the horde ravenous? At the end of the credits, absolutely not to be missed, a long sequence with Bill Murray that is inspired by the previous film (let’s just say that there comes Garfield the cat). The screenplay for the new Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick (who had in the meantime made the two of Deadpool to the series Wayne and recognizes the hand), with the collaboration of Dave Callahan (The mercenaries, Godzilla), and the direction is still Ruben Fleischer (Gangster Squad, many tv series and Venom), which he directs with the pace of the comedy, and the spectacular sense of the action. The narrative is punctuated by the famous “rules” of Columbus and the hilarious “records” relating to the killing the most spectacular of zombies by humans, including an unexpected use of the Tower of Pisa.

The point of strength of the film is a cast composed of actors who in recent years have taken different roads, but you are provided with the conviction for the sequel. Emma Stone took off towards the celebrities, without more to go wrong in a movie, to get to that La La Land that he has thrown in the empyrean of stars real. Abigail Breslin, after the onset resounding in Little Miss Sunshine, has lost a bit of enamel, the difficult process of growth that must address all of the child actors when they make the leap in adolescence and in early youth. He has, however, continued to work, but in the film of not great importance.

Jesse Eisenberg, the lame, the chronic, the roller neurotic, always tight in his shrug my shoulders, the inevitable nerd-like autistic, after the success of The Social Network and Now You See Me, and the participation as Lex Luthor in Dawn of Justice, it is a bit sheltered. The new revenue is the exasperating blonde iron Zoey Deutch (The Politician); the hippie/dark and handsome Avan Jogia (Now Apocalypse); the hilarious cowboy Albuquerque (Luke Wilson), accompanied by the nerd Flagstaff (Thomas Middledirch, the protagonist of the series Silicon Valley), with which it forms a funny couple that follows the one written by Tallahassee and his “protected” Columbus.

We last Woody Harrelson, who towers. Already was a myth in 2009, but in recent years he has also increased his charisma, with a choice of film is always perfect, here entertaining and fun in its satire of the real macho, is open to criticism of course, but when we want to, we want to. It will be a political message? Oh No, please avoid. To be really enjoyed, Zombieland: Double shot deserves a quick review of the first episode, without the risk of losing the taste of some of the quotations, and especially of the scene post credits.

Also, more than ever, we suggest you watch the original, because the voice actor Harrelson is not the historian Roberto Pedicini, and can be traumatic. We reiterate the fact that despite repeating a pattern, replicating a mechanism, the film manages to entertain thanks to the writing of the characters, with a story that reminds you of the many teen movie-style Road Trip or Sex Drive, only that around the flywheel various offals, seasoned in addition to excellent special effects, jokes and a well-aimed, absurd situations, a rhythm always supported and action scenes compelling. We had thought about Cameron, while he was doing the sequel of Terminator….