And’ arrived the new game of the franchise of the WWE and you don’t need to delve very within the gameplay to start, unfortunately, to turn up the nose. The title has some strong points very interesting, but the negative notes are the predominant. Day 1 of the game has been totally disastrous, the wrestlers were going to knead with the ring, and began to fly around the stadium, the referees lost the use of his legs after the first opponents, the joints of the arms and legs, they responded to no known law of physics, the blunt objects disappeared and appeared from nothing… well, nothing even remotely playable.

Fortunately, in the meantime, have been arriving in recent patches that have fixed many of the problems more. This is to say that what we are going to analyze is the current state of the game.

WWE 2K20

  • Developer: Visual Concepts
  • Publisher: 2K Sports
  • Availability: October 22, 2019 on PS4, Xbox One and PC
  • Version tested: PS4

The first thing that catches the eye sona developers: the title sees the detachment from the historical Yuke’s, who had curated the previous editions, and the complete trust in the hands of Visual Concepts, the studio is already in the eye of the cyclone because of the economic policies adopted within the NBA 2K20.

Starting from the base, the key elements of the previous edition have been retained: there is a narrative central to follow, the ability to set a personal history and narrative byways that follow historical figures. The graphics, as improved, is dated. There are areas of lighting totally discordant among themselves, some even within the same models, different wrestlers a little faithful to the original and, in general, a lucidity very little natural skin and hair. It seems more of a play with the action figures of the wrestlers, rather than wrestlers themselves.

The main story speaks of the Four Horsewoman, or Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks, and Bayley. Nate on NXT, the four have been found to bring forward a real revolution within the women’s division of the WWE, coming as the protagonists on the stage of Wrestlemania 35.
The narrative is developed through a number of cutscenes and moments that led to the interior of the meetings, that bring to life in a very charming way what success really is. Mode Towers see instead a narrative much less kinematics be presented by Roman reigns’s, thus completing the promises made by the cover of the game itself.

WWE2Head split in two, the neck separated from the shoulder… the brightness is not convincing

Here, there remain issues: the Towers are the first point of a list of beautiful ideas developed evil. Each match adds rules in order to make the increasing difficulty, and a loss means having to start all over from scratch. Where in normal conditions this would represent the area grinding of the game, where most fans can put themselves to the test, the result is a dispenser of frustration pure, if you consider that the amount of bugs still present, could jeopardize a match for reasons totally independent of our will or ability.

The career staff maintains a lot of enjoyable. It is a sandbox narrative where you can create and develop from scratch the story of our character, without limits of any kind. The character editor is incredibly comprehensive, allowing us to develop both wrestlers temibilissimi creatures is hard to even imagine.

Starting to talk about the gameplay you can see the attempt to turn that developers have wanted to give to the series. The controls have been simplified so as to have specific actions accessible in a unique way, as the counter-attack, which now is placed only on the Triangle button. This makes one side more simple to run it, but on the other makes it much more important to decide when to use them. In this way, the skill of the player will be given more of his reflexes, which, by the pressure of the keystrokes to default. Very cumbersome the system outlets, which often goes to the crash with a management of aims and collisions are not good.

WWE3Here is ALPAGATTO, the most feared of all the wrestlers!

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The system of submission and the opponents is good on a conceptual level, but it is one of the aspects of the game that creates a lot of friction with issues not budgeted for. The AI is quite a dancer, went from having no idea of what you’re doing to become in the Wrestling-tron 9000 and be impossible to defeat… all within the same match. Therefore try to play against opponents of a non-human (something that happens often in the various game modes) is likely to become a lottery based on your search for the right moment and not so much on actual skill.

The extra content have already arrived, via the DLC of Halloween, which adds to the scary contents and a new path that will allow us to confront the alter ego of evil of many wrestlers. The narrative is also enriched with funny movie clips.

But this is really perplexed the decision to publish DLC for a fee even before the game is fixed completely. The bug still persist, though less marked. The ropes of the ring, for example, have a life of their own and often are closely linked in an indissoluble way.

The game, on balance, trying to grip the audience to the nostalgic sense of having a “WWE Simulator”, having to be able to play the match of our dreams, that to actually be a good game. It is clearly in a hurry to publish a title, far from complete and finished.
We can only hope that future updates make it actually enjoyable the untapped potential of the WWE 2K20.