The CEO of Larian Studios that has been expressed about Baldur’s Gate 3 during an interview with Game Informer. As we can see, the CEO of the company, Swen Vincke, has touched topics such as the production process of the title, but he also spoke of the risks that Larian is loaded on the shoulders in the artistic realization of the game.

“It is important as deals with the books, the rules, the feeling that you are at the table to be translated in a video game, trying at the same time not to alienate the people who have never played Dungeons & Dragons in their lives,” says Vincke, and adds:

“I think we found the correct formula. You’ll have to judge. You can create a game without taking any creative risks. You can do it, but you would do the same title. We have taken many risks, many of which you would expect, considering the amount of money that we are investing”.


We remind you that Baldur’s Gate 3 is expected on PC and also Google Staff. What are you expecting from this title?

Source: WCCFtech