Through the pages of GameSpot, the Sony representatives decide to respond to reports of users who have purchased at launch Death Stranding on the PS4 and that, after having played the first few hours of the adventure of Hideo Kojima, people complain of an excessive use of space on the hard disk for the file of the rescues.

Interviewed by the editorial staff of GS to clarify the question, and specify if it is or is not an error of the game or the console that should be resolved with a patch or a firmware update, the PR of the colossus in technology the japanese have reported that “everything is normal” and that, consequently, will not be taken any measure to optimize the space occupied on the hard disk from the save file of Death Stranding.

Progressing in the adventure after having passed the first hours of the game of Death Stranding, in fact, the folder of the saves of the blockbuster sci-fi of Hideo Kojima can occupy 1 GB of space. According to those who have already reached the more advanced stages of the story, with protagonist Sam Bridges, the cause of all of this should be the system used by the developers of Kojima Productions to “force us” to do frequently save quick that, not going to delete the previous files, inevitably end up with the build up inside the hard disk.

Also you are experiencing this “problem”? Please let us know with a comment; in the meantime, we leave you to our review of the Death Stranding and in a study in which we ask ourselves if the last game Kojima is really fun.