While one expected a damn thing to see land at E3 2018 and then at E3 2019, the new game as desired of the saga Splinter Cell will finally be conspicuous by its absence remarkable. However, Yves Guillemot has said that the franchise will make its come-back, a day : the latter would be imminent if we are to believe the tweet from Ubisoft Spain, just freshly published, here.

“You must understand the darkness to deal with it,” says the post accompanied by an image of Sam Fisher that gives chills. Could this be the announcement brief, finally, a new opus ? It is likely and, to tell the truth, it is the wish of all my heart. So far, it seems enigmatic that only the Spanish branch of Ubisoft has made the revelation, and the one keeping my fingers crossed that the tweet is not a simple nostalgic tribute to the past of the saga.

Whatever it is, it should be fixed relatively quickly.