By the time it comes to a possible Skate 4 and for a long time, the idea seemed absolutely achievable, considering that EA had renewed the brand Skate in the spring of 2018. Now, however, things have changed and the hopes are destined to dissolve like snow in the sun.

As reported by the american patent office (USPTO – United States Patent and Trademark Office) on the first of August 2019 Electronic Arts has initiated measures to give up the rights on the brand Skate, a request which has been approved in the last few hours. To date, hence the name Skate is no longer in possession of Electronic Arts and the company will no longer be able to take advantage of this brand at the commercial level.

In 2017, EA’s confirmed that Skate 4 was not in development, the rumor wanted an upcoming announcement at E3 2018, but it was not so, the rumors were then spread again in spring 2019 with the announcement planned for the event EA Play of June, but even in this case nothing to do.

In recent years, the community has requested a Skate 4 with a loud voice, but, as said, the development of the game has never been confirmed, probably after the commercial failure of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 Activision, EA has decided not to bring back to life the franchise to Skate and now to leave it definitely.