The output of the new games Pokémon Sword and Shield is approaching and will probably be throwing the most important of the year for the console, and the hybrid of the big N. However, in the event of a planned launch in Japan is canceled, and the fact he sparked speculation of a fan.

Pokemon Company has provided an explanation in general about the cancellation of the launch event of the japanese Pokémon with a Sword and Shield, stating “thereasons of an operational nature” at the base of the choice and not going over. The speculations have started to turn to the network almost immediately, with fans who believe the controversy on the lack of the Pokedex to National in the new games at the centre of the decision. Even if probably the issue has nothing to do with the cancellation of the event, many users have already given for certain this genre of fiction. No doubt that the recent controversy has slowed the hype of some players, but hardly a company of the size of the Pokemon Company changes the programs for these reasons.

It seems then that the moral of the developers of Game Freak is not the best, just because of the reception that they are receiving new Pokémon with a Sword and Shield. Meanwhile it was announced that the first online race of Pokémon with a Sword and Shield.