During the last episode of WayPoint, the Radio, the speaker Austin Walker has made a statement very interesting on what is happening inside of Game Freak, the study of the development of Pokémon with a Sword and Shield. He told the audience that the moral of the employees of Game Freak is the “historical minimum”.

Although he does not know exactly why the team is not very happy, some rumors suggest that the reason is related to the general discontent of the fans for the fact that within two games of the next output will not be all the Pokémon currently out. Formerly the director of Pokémon, Sword and Shield had revealed the reason: “To insert a Pokémon takes at least three months, you need to build up her movements, her skills, is not so easy.”

Of course take this news as a mere rumor, as the study did not let slip anything about it. However within the Reddit fans are arguing over this topic: many praise the work of Game Freak, while others claim that the study would have not been able to do much more.


If will be or not up to expectations we will know only when Pokémon with a Sword and Shield will land on Nintendo’s Switch to the starting 15 November.

Source: GoNintendo