In the course of the last few weeks, the universe of Pokémon GO was the protagonist of several mysterious events, which have finally led to the arrival of the leader of the Team GO Rocket within the game.

Now, the official Twitter account of the game communicates a new intriguing update! At the city of London are, in fact, been spotted numerous posters depicting the leader of the Team GO Rocket. The images of the Cliff, Sierra and Arlo have so flooded the streets of the british capital. Apparently, the latter hidden in him a bizarre message. The letters hidden within them, if united, make up, in fact, the word “John“, the name of the leader of the historic leader of Team Rocket. Whether it is a message of the latter? Now there is certainty: to find out, all that remains is to wait for further updates from the team of Pokémon GO!

Looking forward to new details, we remind players active in the title Niantic that the arrival of the leader of the Team GO Rocket has upset the balance of habitats of Pokémon, giving way to a special event, limited time. Until at 22:00 hours the next Thursday, 14th November, in fact, different Pokémon will appear more often in the wild and in the Raid. Among the latter are, for example, Ekans and Koffing, the creatures of the First Generation.