Pokémon GO see the presence of three new leader of Team Rocket , thanks to its latest update that introduces a new series of missions, special research focused on the wicked band.

The Rocket Team is a presence in the mobile game monster hunting; they persecute the PokéStop, steal objects, and challenge the players in a battle with their Pokémon Shadow. During this event, which is already active and will continue until 22:00 CET on Thursday 14 November 2019, some Pokémon will appear more often, such as Ekans, Meowth and Koffing. Also, if you’re lucky, you’ll meet a Meowth chromatic wild in the raid.

On the other hand, the Team has started to use some of the Pokéon the Shadows like Sandshrew, Bellsprout, Magnemite, Porygon, and Wobbuffet. Once all three components of the team will be defeated, professor Willow will give you a super radar rocket with which you can locate John. But remember that you will not be so simple, because some recruits will try to deceive you and evade your radar by pretending to be John. However, if you are able to track down and defeat the head of Team GO Rocket, you’ll have the chance to save his Pokémon, Shadow of legend.


Please note that Pokémon GO is available on mobile devices iOS and Android.

Source: Videogamer