After you have launched the TV commercials It’s Time-to-Play PS4, the promotional campaign of Sony for the end of 2019 produces a new advertising dedicated, this time, PlayStation 4 Pro and his overwhelming “Power” conveyed by the masterpieces like Death Stranding.

In the new tv spot for “Feel the Power of PRO”, in fact, the representation of the power of PS4 Pro abandons all speech related to performance and graphical improvements to represent on screen the emotions given by the titles, which, as thelast epic sci-fi of Hideo Kojima, seem to have even the strength to save from the waters of a metropolis like New York.

The message transmitted from Sony with this advertising is to make use of the mid-gen PlayStation 4 to immerse ourselves in a kaleidoscopic multiverse of adventure digital from the expressive power and playful, like that of Death Stranding, and of his journey to reconnect the inhabitants of the United States post-apocalyptic.

For Sony, in short, “the great emotions will become a reality with PS4 PRO”: and you, what do you think of this spot and the message launched by the japanese company to promote the console and its park titles during this window shopping the end of 2019?