One of the things that has most impressed the gamers, at the time of the announcement of Overwatch 2 is his desire to be in continuity with his predecessor, with whom he would share many aspects such as heroes, mode, and even users.

In a recent interview to the microphones of Kotaku, game director Jeff Kaplan has spoken of the desire not to leave behind anyone, and to allow all to not only play together, but also to do so in the same conditions. In this regard, it is very likely that, no matter which version of the game you posses, the executable will be the same both on PC and on console.

Here are the words of Kaplan:

“There will be a time in which the client will merge. We believe it is especially important to improve the experience of those who play the competitive modes on offer. The idea is to avoid splitting the audience in two, so as to give everyone an advantage from the competitive point of view. If you are all in the same player base that plays competitive is a good thing not to have an advantage in fps because you play with a graphics engine that is different.”

Please note that the game does not yet have a release date, or official, which will, in all probability at the next BlizzCon 2020.

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