Microsoft had promised a show that focused on games, and so will you. On the occasion of the X019 Fan Fest that will take place from 14 to 16 November in the Copper Box Arena in London, the house of Redmond will broadcast a special episode of Inside Xbox , which promises to be unmissable.

With a tweet, Microsoft has made it known that during the broadcast – which will start at 21:00 Friday 14 November – will get well 12 games of Xbox Game Studios, among which will include the new projects that will be announced for the occasion, in addition titles in development for the PC. We know for certain that X019 there will be Bleeding Edge to Ninja Theory and the Wasteland 3 of InXile, but what else can we expect? That it is finally time to discover what’s cooking in the studios of Obsidian Entertainment, the team entered the stable of Microsoft in the past year? We’ll see.

During the Inside Xbox will be also announced the new games November Xbox Game Pass for Xbox One and PC (just yesterday Subnautica on the console and Metro 2033 Redux on Windows 10, and we shared the important news about the Project XCloud, service streaming recently entered the Beta phase. Inside the Xbox, remember, will be broadcast starting from 21:00 on the 14th of November with a Mixer, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Twitch.