Meteorfall: Krumit’s This is an interesting deckbuilding roguelike fantasy theme is currently available in early access. The game lets you explore various dungeons, consisting of the areas in 3×3 (boxes), each box may contain a monster (which you must kill), or a piece of equipment that will be purchased before you can use it.

The player can obtain gold by killing the monsters or discarding a piece of equipment, this means that you will need to carefully plan your moves, in order not to deplete the energy, gold, or space in the inventory. The current build provides for two characters, each with a special ability (for example, to get the armor every time you will purchase the equipment).

Developers Slothwerks have stated that the game will spend the next 6-12 months in early access, there are new characters and the addition of daily challenges. You can already bring home the game for the price of 6 euro, currently, the game enjoys a 20% discount that will end on November 12.

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SOURCE: Rock Paper Shotgun