Through the pages of his Twitter official account, General Managr of BioWare, Casey Hudson, to celebrate N7 Day by deciding to make public of artwork never seen of Mass Effect, with images of the endless city sci-fi and the legendary Normandy, the ship of commander Shepard.

Browsing through the preparatory sketches of unpublished software house canadian linked to Electronic Arts, we can also marvel at the bizarre creatures, extraterrestrial, military installations, or scientific, and a preliminary version of the Mako, the means of transport used by the Systems Alliance to explore the surface of alien worlds.

The quartet of artwork given to us in the meal by Hudson, falls within the scope of the initiatives promoted by BioWare to celebrate the anniversary of N7 Day with initiatives such as the one that is involving the users of the Anthem and the armor in Mass Effect landed recently in the digital Store of this controversial action to sci-fi.

In addition to the next chapter of Mass Effect in the future of BioWare, there is also Dragon Age 4 and, hopefully, of the additional free content for Anthem to support post-launch that should cross even the next-gen, and to ensure the evolution of the project on the PS5 and Xbox Scarlett.