Death Stranding is finally available to all players, and one of its features is definitely a slow-paced, with the protagonist, Sam, that in order to reach his destination, must cope with a series of environmental problems. However, apparently the game is not always so, but on the contrary, in build the initial Sam was much faster during its crossing.

Through the live stream dedicated to the countdown of the launch of the game, director Hideo Kojima has revealed that Sam would be able to transport weapons and heavy equipment, in addition to being a character much faster, able to jump and climb more easily. But since the idea of the game is just doing things slowly, the speed of the protagonist was resized later.

“In the early stages of testing, Sam was much faster, had the ability to load more weight, have many useful items to work around all the obstacles in the game. However, about half of the process, we have decided not to use these options,” said Hideo Kojima during the live stream.


We remind you that Death Stranding is available on the PlayStation 4, and PC will arrive next year. The game has already changed the perspective of many, so much so that a player has decided to give a copy of the title to someone who could not afford it.

Source: GamingBolt