Hideo Kojima has been the protagonist of a long interview with Tgcom24 in which he was able to speak not only of Death Stranding and its hospitality, but also of some of the themes dear to him such as, precisely, the cinema.

But let’s start from Death Stranding: the reception of the game has been quite different. In the West, for example, the reviews have been very positive, while in other areas, as in America, the reception has been quite warm. “The game has received rave reviews, especially in Europe and Japan. Here in the United States, indeed, we had the criticism stronger. Perhaps it is a difficult game to understand to a certain type of critic and public. Americans are big fans of first-person shooter and, Death Stranding is not, and flies higher. There is also say that the italians and the French have an artistic sensitivity that is different which allows them to appreciate this kind of products very original, they are not in video games but also in cinema.”

And it is precisely in the film the interview veers after having spoken of the game. As you know by this time, Hideo Kojima is very much fascinated by the cinema, so much so that his initial dream was to become a film director. “I’ve always had an unbridled passion for the cinema, I’ve seen thousands of movies that have become part of me, but if I have to find an Italian, I can say that Dario Argento has definitely changed my life. Like the japanese maybe it can seem strange, but I’ve seen tons of Italian films, from Fellini, De Sica’s up to the Spaghetti Western, as I have read many Italian books that have influenced me. But Dario Argento is the one that most marked me, I am a huge fan of his”.


To give a look to the interesting interview in full, click here. Death Stranding is currently available for PlayStation 4, and PC will be available starting from next year. By the way: have you given a look to our review?

Source: TGCOM24