Let’s discover together the complete list of the daily quests Fortnite Save the World useful to accumulate at least 75 V-Buck to spend then in shop, objects of the Real Battle.

Before starting with the list of missions, our advice is as always to complete the Daily Task, the rewards vary from 50 to 100 V-Buck.

Here are the alerts of the day:


  • Retrieves the data, the Suburbs Level (Home Base is recommended 5) – 25 V-Buck, Experience Points Projects X2, Gold, seasonal, 50 tickets to the event

For your joy, the joy of today is a mission is really simple, that, being set in the first area and the level is very low, it is easily completable by anyone. To create a private party and you likewise help from your friends, simply open the drop down menu in the top right, select the Privacy tab and set it to “Only Friends”.

You have already completed all the missions in The Duel of Fortnite?