It is now spent about a week since the announcement of Diablo 4 the inaugural ceremony of the BlizzCon 2019 and, in spite of everything, new details continue to emerge about the highly anticipated game.

In particular, there emerged information about the microtransactions, which as many expected, will be present in the game, although they are related only to aesthetic elements:

“Diablo 4 will be available in his standard version, and will receive in the time of the expansions. You can also buy items for customization within the game.”

In addition to confirming the presence of microtransactions and the arrival of expansions that are likely to add new areas and classes, through the words of the executive producer, Allen Adham, Blizzard is unbuttoned also on the possible arrival of the cross-play between PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC:

“We are very excited with the idea of implementing cross-play. There are some details that are technical and require a close cooperation with the different companies, but our goal is to enable cross-play.”

Waiting to find out more details on what was announced, we remind you that Diablo 4 should include an endgame that is much deeper and complex than that seen in the third chapter.

Did you know that in Diablo 4 there will be more than 100 villages to explore?