Death Stranding is released from a few hours, but the sense of union that wants to understand Hideo Kojima with its title, seems to be working wonders. Recently on the forums of Reddit appeared a post of a player, RamonesRazor, that he decided to give a copy of the game to someone who can’t afford it.

“No one gimmick or another. Today is the day of the release (for me) and I woke up with the feeling of marry really the theme of the game. I would like to buy a copy of the Death Stranding for someone who can’t afford it. Preferably a long time fan of Kojima who is dying to play but just can’t make the purchase at this time. Could you tell me a little bit of you!”.

The thread has been targeted by the users: among those who responded to praise the initiative, there were those who decided to tell their stories, hoping to win the copy put up for grabs by the user. Among these is the winner, Moron_On_Oxy, who has told his story: “will undergo the surgery as reconstructive, for which I will be in bed for two weeks. Are without a job for about a month, so I won’t try to even convince my wife to buy me a game worth $ 70”.


RamonesRazor he proceeded then to purchase and send the copy of the game to the boy: “Good luck with the surgery my friend. I hope that the game will help you to overcome the convalescence”. The initiative has made the rounds of the web, reaching even to the ears of Tommie Earl Jenkins, the actor who plays Die-Hardman and, later, Hideo Kojima has shared in the thread. Following in the footsteps of the player, the other nine users have helped to purchase many copies for those who can not afford the game, thus building a veritable human chain of solidarity.

Source: Reddit