Death Stranding is finally arrived on the videogame market in the world, allowing players waiting to start their journey in the shoes of Sam Porter Bridges.

To celebrate the publication of the game, Sony decided to give a surprise to the Italian users: the team PlayStation Italy has in fact announced a special initiative! Called “Connectors“, the latter is dedicated to the villages and to the countries of our peninsula: the goal? Reattach them! To present the project, it was made a trailer , that you can view directly in the opening to this news. Between the Connector already recruited are Sabaku no Maiku, a famous content creator linked to the universe of the videogame, whose blind run of Death Stranding has just started, and the photographer explorer creative deity. As reported by the website of the initiative, the signaling of places to “reconnect” it also offers the chance to win “prizes really exclusive”. What do you think of this initiative?

The theme of connection and theimportance of the ties was among the main messages that Hideo Kojima wanted to mention in the course of the months that preceded the debut of the game on the market. Some users are particularly sensitive to the message and have, therefore, decided to give Death Stranding to people who could not afford the purchase of the title.