Death Stranding is available from a few hours on the market, and, of course, on Twitch. The game, Hideo Kojima has been successful on the streaming platform, so as to record the double of the display of the successes of acclaimed as League of Legends.

In particular, currently, the users who are watching someone else play Death Stranding on Twitch are about 180,000, and to give you a touchstone titles of the calibre of Fortnite or FIFA 20 have less than half of this number.

Of course, today is day one, so the surprise factor may have played its part, but given the unquestionable quality of the title it is difficult to imagine that Death Strang will reign in the rankings of the most watched Twitch for a long while yet.


And what do you think? We remind you that the game is now finally available for PS4, while the PC version of the game will come in the course of the summer of 2020.

Source: VG247