By a few hours, it is possible to transmit the own games of Death Stranding on Twitch and giving a look to the ranking of the securities the most viewed, the latest work of Hideo Kojima occupies the first place.

While we are writing this news, in fact, are almost 180.000 users who are looking for someone to play the adventure of Sam Porter Bridges on the streaming platform. This is a high number, if we consider that titles like Fortnite Real Battle and FIFA 20 have less than one-half. If it is not surprising that the game of the moment is the most viewed on Twitch, it is certainly unusual to discover that a title with a similar concern for the sub-narrative is able to attract a number of users so high, no worry about any spoilers.

We remind you that the game is available today exclusively time on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro. The PC version, announced a few weeks ago, will arrive instead during the next summer.

On our pages you can find already a guide with the advice to start playing Death Stranding, strictly devoid of any kind of spoiler about the plot and gameplay mechanics.

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