This page of our Guide is rather short, but has two major functions. The first is to answer the question: But there is fast travel in Death Stranding?, that in many we are not addressing in these hours. The second, however, is to reveal to you the exact moment in which you can fregiarvi this very useful feature.

The Jump of delicate, Quick Trip to Death Stranding


If you have read our Tips for the best start to the adventure, the most important was certainly the one to focus on the missions of the plot. Continuing, in fact, you’ll get tons of projects, and mechanical and useful, and the fast travel is only one of these. Specifically, the Fast Travel is one of the first features you can rely on once you have reached the Chapter 3, a segment of the storyline that will introduce the character of Fragile. Thanks to its DOOMS, you can achieve in a snap in any Private Room of the game world. Note that you can jump even in the Private Rooms present in any Shelter built by other players, which means that you have the incredible power to build what is in fact a station for the quick trip. In any case, we advise you not to abuse the Jump of Fragile, because you might miss out on tons of interesting things, in addition to not familiarize yourself with the navigation of the map.

Well, the one on the quick trip was a simple information even necessary. Click below to return to the Index of the Complete Guide of Death Stranding.