The bonus pre-order of Death Stranding include a series of in-game items like the gold sunglasses, theexoskeleton power, thegolden armor , and other pieces of equipment. In this mini-guide will explain how to get them and redeem them within the game.

Based on the fact that you have pre-ordered the game or purchased a special special version of Death Stranding (such as the collector’s edition or digital deluxe edition), you will be entitled to receive a number of bonus pre-order. Them we listed all below, explaining how to redeem them in the course of the adventure.

All the bonus pre-order of Death Stranding

  • Cap gold
  • Gold sunglasses “Sam”
  • Sunglasses gold Mask “Ludens”
  • Gold plates for the armor
  • Gold plates for the armour (level 2)
  • Exoskeleton gold speed (level 1)
  • Powersuit golden power
  • Exoskeleton of gold for all types of terrain

How to redeem the bonus pre-order of Death Stranding

Pre-order the game or buy the special edition gives you only the right to receive the bonus pre-order, but to get you actually you will have to first unlock them in the course of the adventure.

Don’t worry, though: redeem does not require you to go hunting for the quest random in the game world. The way in which you will receive them in-game, in fact, will walk hand in hand with your progression in the story.

For example, once you’ve found the basic version of the exoskeleton speed you’ll be able to manufacture its exoskeleton gold level 1.

For objects such as the sun glasses and the cap of gold, you’ll just have to wait for the arrival of a notification about the availability of these new colors. To equip them to do is go into your private room, where you can customize the appearance of Sam.

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