The output of Death Stranding today on PS4, is an event, since it is the first game of Hideo Kojima since her divorce resounding with Konami. And even if, ultimately, it is only a temporary exclusivity – the game is expected for the summer of 2020 on PC – the studios internal Sony are set in tune, as evidenced by the latest update of Days Gone. In fact, the patch 1.6 adds a number of elements of customization dedicated to Death Stranding, such as the tank of the motorcycle of Deacon St. John in which one can see the famous baby (Death Stranding BB Tank).

A second tank, Death Stranding Tank, is also available in the mechanic of Diamond Lake. Decals, still in the colors of the new production of Kojima-san, have also been developed by the developers of Bend Studio who, we remind, were involved in the development of Death Stranding.

Also, note that this update – which weighs in at about 20 Gb and incorporates a lot of touch-ups, not to mention some welcome additions. For example, we can now reset the hordes, the camps of ambush, or the areas of infestation, knowing that to take advantage of this feature, it is necessary to have completed the mission “For a biker, off-the-law”. The three scenarios corresponding to these tasks must also be looped at 100%. It is well-noted.