Yesterday it was to celebrate the N7 Day, and if you’re a fan of the franchise Mass Effect, you know what it means. It is the day in which the community gathers to celebrate all of the stories and the characters of the science fiction universe of BioWare.

As you may know, the series has been on hiatus because of the performance, disappointing Mass Effect Andromeda, which proved to be a disaster from the technical point of view and, above all, is not exceptional in terms of sales.

However, BioWare has not lost interest in the IP, and this means that we will return in the future, most likely after the release of Dragon Age 4.

“We have many ideas for what I want to do in Mass Effect, many pieces of concept art that have not yet been brought to life, and that many stories still to tell,” said general manager Casey Hudson on Twitter on the occasion of the celebration of N7 Day.


As mentioned, with Dragon Age 4 in program (which will not be launched before mid-2022), it is likely the new Mass Effect will see the light when the PS5 and Xbox Scarlett will be on the market for some time, therefore the wait for a new chapter might be pretty long.

What do you think?

Source: Gamepur.