The last month has resurfaced in a new version of the Invector of Hello There Games, now called Avicii Invector in honor of the artist who died from which was extracted the soundtrack of the game. Although at the time had not been given any definite release date for all platforms, today we learned when it comes to all the versions of the title.

The re-launch of Avicii Invector on the PS4 and the new porting for the PC and Xbox One will arrive on the 10 December 2019. While ported to the Nintendo Switch is in the program and the publisher Wired Productions does not expect that to be launched until the spring of 2020.

Wired Productions has also clarified that all versions of Avicii Invector will receive a launch physical on December 10, and that those who already possess Invector on the PS4 will receive this update for free via a simple update.

These improvements include a new user interface and updates on the general quality, more songs, and more. All of these updates are highlighted in a trailer, which you can see below.

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Source: Dualshockers.